Let’s Make an Army!: Warmachine, pt. 1

LMaA Menoth

Let’s Build an Army! is where you get to join me as I delve the depths of nerdom and rise a conqueror! Actually, it’s more like a hobby progress blog that focuses exclusively on game, where you can follow along as I put together a functional army for just about every game I love. Obviously  from the title you can guess that I’ll start the series with Warmachine, and specifically The Protectorate of Menoth! Why Menoth? Well, being a part of the 2-player starter set by Privateer Press means that this army is easy to start, and comes at a great value. Many players new to miniatures games follow the path of the starter sets that companies put out, so I wanted to follow along as well and show you how to maximize your dollar and get the most from your introductory purchases and games!

As mentioned above I started with the 2-player set for Warmachine, focusing on the PoM side. Much has already been said about the value of the models in the set, and you can find some amazing resources for this army on the PP forums by clicking here. Instead of talking about the models in massive depth I wanted to start off the series by taking a more general look at the force as a whole. Kreoss1 is a fantastic starting warcaster as he pretty much buffs everything, the warjacks are OK, but not great without a choir to buff them and lastly the Cinerators are rather lackluster; this being a result of their lack of speed and reach. When you zoom out and take a look at the army now you’ll see a slow-moving, heavily armored force; very tanky! My first step is to buff up what I have, then up the speed of the army. So I’m thinking my next purchase will be the Choir of Menoth, then a unit to throw out front. In an effort to maximize value, I’ll be using every model possible as the army develops.

Hobby Progress

Lets Make and Amy1

I assembled and primed the models as part of another tutorial, but here they are at square one so you can get some before and after shots. Things of note, I love the Kreoss1 model, he just looks awesome, but in a simple way; less is more I suppose. I’ll be doing green stuff in the future to add flames all around, but for now I wanted to show what the starter set could like like all by itself. Also, I’m thinking up some paint schemes: Grey and purple are my favorite color combination, with Black and silver close behind. I want something that looks ornate and overdone, because frankly, that’s the theme of the army. Theres way more detail into the basic line trooper of a Menoth warrior then that of nearly any other basic soldier; It’s just so… them!


I also want to always include a section related to games played and list design. Obviously these dudes were just built, so there’s nothing to talk about as far as games won or lost. However I do want to plot out a few ideas for future list design: the next purchase will be the Choir of Menoth. Right now I have so many jacks  that it only makes sense to boost them up. After that… I dunno. I may grab another jack for a painting tutorial, but also might grab a unit of basic troops with more speed then the Cinerators.

Hobby Goals

What will I achieve by next week? Well I want to have Kreoss1 and some jacks painted; maybe two of them. Also I want to have bought and primed up the choir so I can start seeing the full value of these warjacks.

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