Paint Review: Vallejo

Vellejo Pic copy

Vallejo paints are another extremely common type of model paint; they can be found in general craft stores as well as any hobby store worth its weight. Being this abundant makes Vallejo a fantastic paint supply since you can consistently find colors wherever you are. I want to take just a moment and explain why I thing Vallejo is the best paint line out there and give a full and honest review of their product.

One of the first things you see that separates Vallejo from some paints (Mainly Citadel) is that it comes standard in a dropper bottle. While the paint is a bit to think to make perfectly measurable drops, this give you, the painter, a great deal in control over how much paint you use. Having that dropper bottle also makes mixing paints a breeze, while also allowing you to use no more then you need, saving you paint and money in the long run. I’ve used several products from their line and never have I had a bottle get clogged so far; Just a quick shake to mix the paint and your ready to go!

If you look at a shelf of Vallejo paints, you may notice that there seem to be fewer colors then in the Citadel range. While this may seem like a drawback (Fewer options) I’ve actually found it to be a positive; Yes, there are fewer colors, but each more well defined, also, since they are easier to mix with the dropper bottle, getting that different tone is a breeze. Having fewer paints can be easier on retailers, your wallet and ultimately better for your models, as highlight colors are easier to find and use.

One more thing I want to point out is the quality of the paints. First off, like any hobby paint, you’ll need to add a touch of water to thin it down a bit. That being said, Vallejo paints flow really smoothly, adding to the quality of the paint and in the end, the finished model. In particular, Vallejo metallic paints are of phenomenal quality; they spread well, thin well and have very strong and pronounced colors. In addition to base colors and metallics, I also recommend the Thinner Medium for thinning metal paints and the Varnish Paints (Matte and Gloss); I use the Matte and Gloss Varnishes in the application of decals and to prevent scratches on my models, I cannot recommend them enough.

So Just to review: Vallejo is a widely sold, high quality paint that comes in a canister that makes mixing easier and can save you money. On top of all that, I find Vallejo paints cost almost a dollar less per bottle then Citadel Paints, only increasing their value. For these reasons, I always point new players to Vallejo products, and I’ll do the same for you!

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