Lets Make an Army!: Rebel Alliance pt. 2

LMaA Xwing

You know what’s great about a low cost game? I can afford weekly installments! This week I want to expand my X-Wing Rebels by doing something that seems a bit redundant; buying another X-Wing. Why? Well if you’re not already in the know, the X-Wing expansion gives you another base ship as well as a slew of new upgrades and pilots; the most feared of which is Wedge Antilles. I find it better to maximize the game pieces you already have then to just them fall between the cracks. Wedge (’cause we’re on a first name basis) is a Pilot Skill (PS) 9 pilot that strips the defense of your enemy by 1 green die whenever he attacks; that’s huge when you think about how many dodgy ships exist in the imperial (and now Scum and Villainy). In addition to that are a few upgrades that I want to highlight


Because I have the inability to leave anything alone I wanted to give my second X-Wings a blast of paint. The first (from the starter set) I painted to resemble the Rogue Squadron of Luke Skywalker fame. Sadly, one of the barrels on the wingtip broke off (Do lasers have barrels?). The other ship I painted with a blue scheme as it fits with a theme I’m going for; I love the storyline surrounding the Star Wars planet of Corel, which uses a predominately blue color scheme. I’ll be painting the remainder of my Rebel forces to match this, as my theme is the Corellian Defense Force. I’ve already shared a pic of the Rogue Squadron X-Wing, but heres a look at the Corellian scheme:

Blue Xwing logo


Now that I have two ships, games a tad bit more interesting! I played a 50 point list as follows:

-Wedge Antilles

-Rookie Pilot

(No upgrades at all)

With that list I got 4 games under my belt; focusing on concentrating fire and maneuvering. It might seem dull to run absolutely no upgrades, but the truth is Wedge’s ability counts as one; and that’s why you pay so much in point for him! Sure, I could take 2 Rookie Pilots and add shields or something, but would that have really gotten me far? I don’t believe so; at least not when the sole purpose of my games was learning to concentrate fire. Wedge’s ability is a monster the more guns you can have focused on an enemy ship and he did not disappoint. Of those 4 games I went 3-1; losing to another Rebel player flying something similar. The important thing here is to learn activation order and target priority; for such a low point game I have plenty of firepower, it’s just learning how to focus it and select the right target.


Next week I’ll be picking up our first large base ship: The Millennium Falcon. This will propel us into the 100 point range and we will explore why this makes for an extremely effective list that still shows up at tournaments despite being years old (that’s how you know a game is well made). But we won’t stop there, and will explore more and more list design concepts. My goal is to buy the Falcon set and give it the same Corellian paint job to match the rest of my growing force, as well as get some games to try it out. ​

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