A Newbs Guide to Infinity: Part One

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Hello and welcome to the “Newbs” guide series to getting you started in Infinity; the 28mm sci-fi combat game from Corvus Belli. By way of introduction I want to say my name is Doug and I love Infinity. I’ve been playing for a little while here and have noticed this game really catching fire here in the U.S, and I couldn’t be more excited! As I surf the forums and ask online (and in person) the number one set of questions I encounter is “What is Infinity” and “How do I get started?”. To address this and do my best to add to the community I wanted to put together a little intro series for everyone; read it, comment on it and share it!

Infinity artworkWould I Like Infinity?

By now I assume you’ve already been to the Corvus Belli site and seen the amazing models and your thinking “What the heck is this?!”. A common first thought for those new to miniature gaming is to mistake Infinity for Warhammer 40k, and that couldn’t be further fro the truth! At the most basic level Infinity is a skirmish level where small teams of veteran soldiers fight to achieve specific objectives and deny the enemy from doing the same; it’s a game about strike force combat, where sci-fi soldiers of the future fight for information on quick and decisive battlefields.

Infinity also requires a lot of terrain, so if you like those large and open battlefields where you can just mow down the enemy, this is not the game for you. Infinity is all about cover, and using firing lanes to your advantage; as such, a large amount of terrain is required and really adds to the fun of the game.

If you like games with massive armies and vehicles clashing against one another, this is not the game for you. If you like the thematic idea of a small team of highly trained specialist soldiers doing the dirty work behind the scenes, then this is right up your alley. To give you a visual, consider 40k like the movie Troy (large-scale warfare with tons of dudes) and Infinity like Black Hawk Down (just a handful of soldiers with a single objective: survive).

Infinity requires you to be able to change your plans on the fly and react to your opponents every move (literally) to further your own agenda. It’s a game that rewards the tactical minded and punishes the player who cannot think fluidly. Lastly, Infinity is a game of great cinematic moments; you’re pretty much playing an action movie and some of the situations you can find yourself in will have you laughing with friend for weeks afterwards.

icestorm-terrainHow Do I Start Playing This Game?

Before anything else, watch as many games as possible. Ideally, I suggest you find a few guys already playing and ask for a quick demo. The miniatures are amazing enough to speak for themselves, but I encourage you to watch and play the game to see if you appreciate the basic mechanics of it. Join the forums here and in the “User: section introduce yourself and where your at, and you’ll almost always be able to find a crew to join.

Hands down the best place to start is one of the Starter Sets that Corvus Belli puts out, all of which can be found here. There is a starter set for every factions and sectorial (I’ll explain this more, but its essentially a themed sub-faction.) Each box has a few specialists and some grunts to get you going, and they all seem very well balanced to one another; they also provide you with 110-140 points of models to get you going, but we wont worry about points too much until we get to list building. I also want to mention the 2 player starter set “Operation: Ice Storm” as a great value; this set gives you two faction starter and some cool paper terrain to get you going.

PanO StarterI’d encourage you to play at the starter box level for a while; Infinity is a complicated game and you can easy burn yourself out of fun if you try and take on too much at once. Take your time and really learn what each model in your box can do, what they cannot do and all the while keep an eye on your opponents force to expand your knowledge of the game.

lasiqI’ve Picked a Faction, Which Models Do I Get Next?

My personal favorite thing about Infinity is whats commonly called the “Rule of Cool”. That is, this game is so well balanced that you can create a functional and competent army with just about any models you like: So pick the models you think look the coolest! The very rare exception is with remotes, REMS; a force of too many of them can be expensive and have too small of an order pool. Beyond that every faction has their own heavy, medium and light infantry, remotes and unique models for you to fall in love with. It’s important to play with models you love as you’ll enjoy every game, even if you lose (hint: you’ll probably lose a lot in the beginning).

Painting by Tom Schadle

What Does an Infinity Army Look Like?

Infinity varies from other games greatly in what a table ready force looks like. Warhammer 40k has a large number of troops, each unit having a specific purpose (the same can be said of certain Warmachine lists). in Infinity you really have to stop thinking of it as an “army” and more like your “team”. Think of it like baseball; In baseball you get 9 players to make your team. Of those nine you need some who are good at specific tasks (batting, catching, pitching etc.), but every player knows how to play baseball, and the rules to succeed in it. Likewise in Infinity, your force will have specialists (Hackers, remotes, snipers etc.) but every model on the table is a deadly and highly trained soldier.

nomad forceA typical force runs between 8 and 13 models, though thats an average. Your starter box provided you with 6 troops, so your well on your way to a battle ready force! As with many miniature wargames, each model in Infinity has a points cost. A standard tournament game of Infinity runs 300 points, and here is a great list builder to get you there. One thing you’ll notice with Infinity is that there isn’t a model to cover every option for the troops you can build in the list-builder. While Corvus Belli works hard to produce more and more miniatures, I suggest using proxies (a troop of the same type) and make it clear what weapon he/she is wielding. Model production has skyrocketed lately, so dont be surprised if you get that option you’ve waited on soon!

aridna troopsInfinity is always played with a scenario in mind: this isn’t a game of open combat where the goal is to kill the opponent. Some scenarios rewards and require a specialist (medic, hacker etc.), so those considerations should be taken into account before you start list building. I suggest you and your gaming group pick one scenario and play it exclusively while you learn to use your starter boxes; then when your comfortable, switch it up. On the note of special models, every list needs a lieutenant to function; protect this guy! As you’ll read in the rules, a loss of lieutenant will severely effect the way your force can handle the game.

Some Resources

Click here to download the free rulebook for Infinity

Click here for the standard scenarios

Click here for a fun set of markers and tokens from Corvus Belli

This is an awesome Infinity podcast: Mayacast!


Part Two- Click Here!

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