Lets Make an Army! Rebel Alliance pt. 3

LMaA Xwing

Back for the third installment, we are going to take our pair of X-Wings and them into a tournament winning list with the addition of the Millennium Falcon, or YT-1300 to be precise. You can click here to see the full list of cards and upgrades for the Falcon expansion. Suffice to say that you get a lot for you dollar, and plenty to build a solid list from. With your small fleet we are going to put together a simple list that is often called “Han Shoots First” a name which just made true Star Wars nerd crack a smile. There are several variations on the list, but using what we have in our collection now, I suggest the following:

-Millennium Falcon (Piloted by Han Solo)

-Veteran Instincts


-X-Wing (Rookie Pilot)

-Hull Upgrade

-X-Wing (Rookie Pilot)

-Hull Upgrade

That list comes out to 100 points even; the typical point level of nearly all official tournaments. So how does it work? Pretty easily actually; which makes it very new player friendly. Have your X-wings stick together and push hard on an enemy flank (side), drive the Falcon right up the center and turtle around. The Falcon has a turret weapon, capable of firing in any direction; add Han’s ability for re-rolls and gunner together… that’s three tries at a hit in any direction. If you cannot hit an enemy that way, then you were never meant to! Try to focus fire as much as possible at one enemy at a time and whittle your opponent down until they lose their entire squad, or just don’t have the firepower to take on the Falcon anymore.


Falcon Top View Logo Millenium Falcon Logo

I wanted to stick with my Corellian Defense Force theme, which worked out pretty perfectly as in the fiction the YT-1300 (Millennium Falcon model) was designed and built on that planet.  I did a quick Google search for some fan designs and really fell in love with the Corellian cargo look that I ended up going with; it keeps the standard Millennium Falcon look but adds a dash of color to make it a bit more unique then things I see at tournaments. All in all I’m happy with the way it turned out, I thought it would be harder to paint such a symmetric design.


There is nothing like playing a 100 point game of X-Wing; it’s the point level that FFG has balanced the game at. This week I was only able to squeeze in 3 games, but I had a blast! My first opponent ran a Scum  and Villainy list with 2 of the IG-88 droids (I cannot remember which ones) and he straight up destroyed me. Those guys are incredibly maneuverable for being on large bases. Next I played another S&V player but had far more luck, he spread his ships out too thin and I was able to pick them off one at a time. Lastly I played a Tie Swarm, which was something of a rarity nowadays. Target priority was key here, as I was able snipe out the character Tie Fighter that buffs the swarm after that, my opponent started losing guys and just didn’t have the firepower to take out the Falcon. On the whole I just stuck to the plan I went over in the intro, keep the Falcon in the center and bring the X-Wings up on the sides and it generally paid off. The only part that really takes practice is how to position your X-Wings to get the most out of that turn where they adjust to go straight into the enemy; maximum effectiveness requires maneuvering skills and target priority.


If you’re following along with me then you’ve reached an important milestone: a tournament ready list. The most important goal you can go for right now is learning to play it. I often suggest (in X-Wing but in other games as well) that you play 10 games with a list before you change a thing. Look at what your good at, why you lose, and what you think you need to win. Often times you’ll find you just need to measure distances better, or choose better targets. My hobby goal for this week is to play 10 games with the list and come up with any possible variations. Finding out what we need will also help us plan our next expansion and where to build our collection to next.

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