The Art of War

Nothing in these games stands out as an expression of creativity and uniqueness as a well painted army. The hobby aspect of miniature war gaming allows you, the player, to set your models apart and put a little piece of yourself into every game. On this page you’ll find a wealth of materials to take your bare models and turn them into individual works of art, bringing life to any game you play them in. I also want to take a moment and say that no matter how challenging a technique may seem, you can do it with practice; Nobody was good at anything the first time they try it!  Dont be afraid to try bold color combinations, special effects and unique patterns. Make your hobby your own! If your’e new to painting, dig into the resources below; for those looking to expand their hobby knowledge, click on a subject further down!


7 Painting Steps for New Painters

Check out this epic collection of painting tutorials




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