Terrain is often called the “Third Player” in many miniature games, and for good reason; few things can have such a dramatic impact on the game as terrain layout and bonuses. With scenery playing such a big role in our games you want some great looking terrain to really make your games pop on the table; make pieces look just as dynamic as their in-game effects. As a reminder, the focus of this site is for new players just starting their miniature wargaming careers, to reflect that I’ve compiled a list of terrain tutorials that focus on low budget and limited resource terrain building. This is not a master class in terrain development, but a resource to get the most out of your early games. Below are some of the best introductory terrain tutorials on the web, organized by aesthetic:

Introduction to Polystyrene

City Building

Hero’s Monument
Wrecked Building

Man-Made Formations

Stone Wall
Defenders Pointe
Crate Cache (Objective Marker)

Terrain on the Cheap

Aquatic Terrain

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